Monthly Archives: July 2007

Harry Potter and the lack of leadership

I have a rant coming on today as it continues to frustrate me how little Senior Management engage in the E-Learning agenda. It has become very clear a very long time ago, that top-down leadership is required for driving change and innvoation in HEIs. Some years ago already, the JISC INLEI project looked at the impact of Networked Learning on educational institutions, clearly stating that bottom-up approaches are wholy insufficient for institutionalising E-Learning and harvesting the benefits on an organisational level.

Yet, still, some powers-that-be believe that filling a post delegates the entire agenda away from their desks. For us, the Harry Potters of E-Learning (the Chosen Ones), it would just require the wave of a wand…

This situation leads to a personal dilemma, for not only externally but also internally people are increasingly asking “what’s being done about E-Learning in our place?” If the answer is “very little” the person responsible is Harry Potter, not questioning the obstacles that are put in the way and the sluggish reluctant or even counterproductive actions or non-action taken by the management.