Monthly Archives: July 2008

Stats on your Blog Reading

How well do you keep track of reading all the feeds that you subscribe to? Google Reader provides an interesting new feature called “Trends”. It analyses your recent reading behaviour: how many posts of your blog subscriptions you’ve read, starred, or e-mailed. It also shows how active your subscriptions are (how many posts on average per day).

Google Reader - Trends

Of course Google Reader can’t (yet) show whether you actually understood and remember what you read 🙂


Elgg 1.0

The long-awaited version of one of the most popular and earliest social networks for educators is shaping up nicely. It’s in private beta for now, but is expected to be released shortly.

Most of all, Elgg 1.0 boasts a nice clean interface with Ajax-animated functionality. Navigation is minimal so it’s kept to the original low-threshold entry approach, which should boost uptake by the users.

Elgg 1.0 Screenshot

New functionalities include status message, fora, and shouts (twitter-like utterings). Together with blogging this focus on communication emphasises that social connectivity requires more than simply adding people to your address book. File and photo sharing are naturally also part of this.

Elgg 1.0 was announced as a total revamp of the core and more a framework than an application. I haven’t had time to find out more about it, but I’m pleased that for the many ordinary users the out-of-the-box version does have all the essential functionality. My main concern is the migration path from earlier versions. If this is not possible in an unobtrusive way without the loss of data, I fear I will have difficulties convincing my constituency of shifting.

I’m curious to see whether now, in a much more competitive environment than when Elgg first saw the light of day, and with the likes of facebook & co around, Elgg 1.0 can rally a solid user base and community.