Moodle as LD editor?

It may sound far fetched, but Moodle already contains most of the components of a Learning Design editor. A course in Moodle can become a Unit of Learning (UOL) in LD speak. It’s topic or week structure can be interpreted as Acts and at the same time act as Environment where Resources and Services are made available to the learner. Acts are sequential in that the entire cohort (Roles) needs to complete the tasks within (Activities) before proceeding. Activities within individual Acts can be set as HTML text instructions (e.g. read the following piece of text).

I haven’t tried this but think that Roles can be assigned to individual activities, resources or services. This all leaves Moodle at least within grasp of IMS LD Level A, but Level B & C may not be too far off.

There is, of course, a difference in terminology and what Moodle calls a resource and activity isn’t the same in IMS LD, but this isn’t critical for the user frontend and can be translated in a LD-compliant backend, or when exporting to LD xml.

The advantage is, that Moodle is a design editor, that’s close to teachers’ workflows and thinking (one major reason why it has been so successful). Resources and activities can be created straight away, and a runtime exists as soon as real learners are filled into the roles provided. Courses are portable and shareable, and you can apply changes in runtime (e.g. add a new activity).


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