Google Accounts

Interesting how Zoho integrated Google authentication despite their competition in the online office tool market. Or maybe it is because of it, to create an inroad to Google Docs users to use Zoho without registering with them.

It got me interested in the workings of Google Accounts. The login box simply shows a Google/Yahoo icon at the bottom where from you are redirected to a page on Google Accounts with a rather confusing Access Request:

Google Accounts screen

I wasn’t sure whether this delivers my entire contacts list to Zoho with maybe the effect that everyone in my address book gets a Zoho invitation. Seems that this was not the case and simply got me access to my Zoho account and documents.

Logging out is equally simple with a dialogue asking whether you want to log out completely or want to stay signed on for other Google services.

Google logout

All in all a very smart way of single sign-on and OpenID, and yet another way of having more Google windows open than Microsoft applications on your desktop. With this, Google rapidly becomes the key to accessing your entire portfolio of productivity tools.


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